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Duke DPT podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Joining us this week are Chris Main and Jason Beneciuk from an older episode recorded in Spring 2018. Chris Main is a Professor of Clinical Psychology (pain management) at Keele university in the UK. Jason Beneciuk is a physical therapist and researcher with a focus on psychologically informed physical therapy (PIPT).

In this episode, you will learn:

The history of PIPT, how clinicians can identify patients who would benefit from PIPT, some challenges, how clinicians can interpret the information they obtain using PIPT, the behavioral change aspect of  PIPT, and recommendations for feedback. 


For more information on the STarT Back screening tool, go to:

For a recent publication by Jason Beneciuk on PIPT, read: Targeted interventions to prevent transitioning from acute to chronic low back pain in high-risk patients: development and delivery of a pragmatic training course of psychologically informed physical therapy for the TARGET trial

which can be found at:


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